Why are there so many unsuccessful people

Published: 01st June 2011
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Why are there so many unsuccessful people

A quick look around the internet with google or a browse through Amazons book store will yield literally hundres of thousands of opportunities to learn how to be successful. Guaranteed, Amazing, spectacular, easy, no special skills or education. Thats what all these books, Emails, and internet programs promise but do they deliver?

Well they sell in their millions so if they did we would be knee deep in success stories but somehow we are not. Why.......

Load of rubbish

Well in the vast majority of cases its down to the simple fact that what you're buying is a load of rubbish. Dreamt up by some scammer and presented to hit all the emotional buttons and have you reaching for your credit card before you know what day it is.

You are being promised the wisdom of success from someone who has never been successful in anything other than scamming people. Their books contain regurgitated platitudes spun round to look different and never address the real reason people are not successful in life, love, business, whatever.

Now some of course are good quality advice and guidance from someone who has been there and done it for themselves and learned the lessons. Lessons come from failure as much as from success remember so just because someone has had some failure in their past doesn't mean they are not to be heeded.

Why couldn't we just copy or model someone

However, even after studying quality material, most people remain roughly where they are in life. Why should this be. Why couldn't we just copy or model someone who has success and deliver that same success to ourselves?

Are you any different from Richard Branson for instance? Well assuming you are fit and well and not physically impaired in any way then no. Not physically anyway. Educationally? Well its very likely that your formal education is of a better standard than our favourite serial entreprenuer and it's this that gives us a clue to what is happening here.

You see success comes from within. Successful people don't on the whole buy self help books or instant success manuals because they don't need them. They have an in built and un shakeable beleif in themselves and a propensity to take action over and over again to become successful.

hidden deep down

You see most of what we are is hidden deep down. What people see are the results of actions we take.

What we say, do, beleive, love, hate etc are all manifests of what we beleive ourselves to be. This might sound a bit deep and I don't mean to go all spiritual on you but we can only be successful when we start beleiving we can be.

This is what the books can't and don't teach you mostly because they couldn't care less if you are successfull as long as they have your credit card details. You see if we each read a success manual and became successful there would be no repeat business.

Don't you find ot strange that internet marketers in particular sell you the latest greatest success program promising success and then days later they are offering you another? Why don't they just use the programs themselves.

turning out students with "Qualifications"

Anyway I mentioned that education gave us a clue. Well our present education system is geared to turning out students with "Qualifications" to enable them to go out and get jobs. They generally teach based on what was was beleived to be true 10 years ago and never promote entreprenuerial thinking.

Students are told they have failed when they score badly in tests, but isn't it the teacher who has failed? They are ridiculed for daring to aspire to an unconventional life plan, Astronaut, Sports star etc but why not. Why would they not be able to acheive this is they aimed at it?

Students are delivered out of the education system with deminished self worth, low self confidence, and a belief they risk failure at every turn and that that's a bad thing when failure is the best teacher of all. They are also in no fiot state to contribute to the work place and employers have to train them in the most basic of principles to get them productive. What's the point of all that education?

People who didn't really fit into the education system and ended up dropping out as early as possible frequently go in to make a success of themselves and live a fulfilling life just because they didn't accept this "Programming" from the education system.

brilliant scientists, doctors, sports stars

Now of course there are exceptions to this. Our brilliant scientists, doctors, sports stars etc all went through the same system but I will bet that behind them was a strong encouraging and supporting family or mentor who kept their self belief in tact allowing them to go on.

Can I now offer you the answers? Well all I can say is that you have to fix what you think about yourself deep down in your subconscious. There are people far better qualified to do this than me and yes it is possible.

get quality information

Build your self esteem, really beleive you can be and are worthy to be successful then get quality information and training in the area you wish to excell in and your chances of breaking out of the pattern of failure will be massively increased.


Steve Wardle - CEO, The Business Builder Club


By Steve Wardle - Founder of TheBusinessBuilderClub.com


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